Cooper Union
New York, U.S.A.
Professors James Craig, Irene Korol Scala, and Mike Essl
Faculty of Design
Lubljana, Slovenia
Professors Petra Bevek and Nika Grabar
MIT Institute of Design
Pune, India
Professors Shakti Banerjee, Rajendra Thakre, Ranjana Dani, and Mahendra Patel
Parsons School of Design
New York, U.S.A.
Professor William Bevington
Symbiosis Institute of Design
Pune, India
Professors Manohar Desai and Prashant Acharya
Technological Educational Institution
Athens, Greece
Professors Eleni Martini, Eleni Glinou, George Mathiopoulos, and Panos Haratsopoulos
Vakalo Art and Design College
Athens, Greece
Professor Hector Haralambous
(Independant Workshop)
Yrgo, Högre Yrkesutbildning
Göteborg, Sweden
Professors Marie Kalmnäs and Christina Sandell

What they are saying

"I would like to express a great deal of appreciation and gratitude for the good spirit that prevailed during your lectures. Some words describing you and your workshop written by our class: professional, fun, interesting, positive approach, unforgettable experience, creative assignment, excellent lecturer, king of type!"

− Jasmina, Faculty of Design, Slovenia

"Thank you for these three fruitful days, giving us insight about the wonders of typography. The workshop was engrossing as the three projects were thought-provoking. The best part was we had no bounds. Seeing work from all around the world inspired and opened up our minds. I wish the class did not come to an end. We look forward to having such assignments in future."

− Richa Mehta, Symbiosis Institute of Design, India

"The workshop has enriched our students with an exuberant experience and valuable feedback. It made them understand how to use typography with more sensitivity."

− Shakti Banerjee and Rajendre Thakre, Instructors, MIT Institute of Design, Pune, India

"The workshop was a great experience. How the small placement of the text can change the overall impact of the final work on the viewer is the important thing I have learned. I wish we get more such opportunities to learn more from you and enhance our skills. Thank you so much!"

− Aditi Dubey, Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune, India

"I had a lot of fun and the presentation was my favorite part. It was delightful and helpful to see the works of my competitors across the globe. Apart from that, it gave me a different perspective than I ever experienced. I hope you could come back again—India awaits."

− Aishwarya Chirayil, MIT Institute of Design, India

"It was a excellent opportunity for Indian students to understand and explore the typographic expressions and compositions in the intense workshop. I am extremely impressed by the energy and motivational environment James Craig created in the workshop. It was a great recharge to the basics of typography for both faculty and students. My sincere thanks and gratitude to this great teacher."

− Professor Mahendra Patel, Symbiosis Institute of Design, India

"Next week we having the open days at our school and the students will be exhibiting the works that they did with you. They have enjoyed your workshop very much! …And we have enjoyed your stay here with us. I sincerely hope we will see each other again soon!"

− Professor/Administrator Petra Bevek, Faculty of Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia

"The workshop and presentation was a unique chance for students to build design consciousness via a research method that was mostly playful and at the same times provided a vast field of solutions. Students who worked under the guidance of Jim's long educational and professional expertise, experienced in the best way the essentials of typography and graphic design."

− Professor Eleni Glinou, TEI, Athens, Greece

"James Craig´s vast experience in typography gives new perspectives and elevates new comprehensions of how typography feels, tastes, and works."

− Professor Marie Kalmnäs, Yrgo, Högre Yrkesutbildning, Göteborg, Sweden

"It was a very interesting workshop; I’ve learned a lot of ways to solve difficult problems. Thank You."

− Thomas Nghia Nguyen, Parsons School of Design, NY, USA

"I really appreciated James Craig's critique style. I think it is important to be exposed to other ideas and views. Thank you for your time!"

− Katie Fuller, Parsons School of Design

"The Workshop provides a concise design education: through the rapid, intense, and immersive engagement of student participants (across three highly developed assignments) a rich graphic design and typographic design experience is ascertained; the results do speak for themselves. A lifetime of designing and teaching poured out over three days, quite compelling!"

− William M. Bevington, Associate Professor of Information Mapping, Parsons School of Design, NY, USA